Kid's Closet & Fostering Bulloch

The Goal of our involvement with Kids Closet & Fostering Bulloch is to provide articles of clothing including underwear, outerwear, coats and shoes to local children in need. Statesboro Service League maintains a partnership with local clothes donation sites (Fostering Bulloch) by volunteering and encouraging members to donate unwanted items to the site. We also have an annual drive at our December meeting in which our members donate items that are needed the most at that time.



Assign a contact person to each school.


Contact each school (by leer, phone and email) at the beginning of the school year to remind them of this project and to introduce their contact person for the year.


Each contact person is to make contact with the school once a month to check on needs that the school may have. This is to establish a personal relationship with each school.


Keep the membership reminded of our continued relationship with Fostering Bulloch. Use Fostering Bulloch as the primary source.


Use other sources, such as Goodwill, Wal-Mart, etc., when all exhaustive measures to acquire needs have been taken.


Help organize the articles of clothing donated to Fostering Bulloch.


Provide emergency packets for the schools each committee member was assigned.


To deliver the needed items as soon as possible to the contact.


SSL has done a great job meeting the needs of children in our community.

We gather most clothes from Fostering Bulloch and from other members of the League. Because some children were odds sizes, or Fostering Bulloch could not meet the need, the Commitee purchased items through local stores. House fires continue to be an area that allows Kids Kloset to assist in as well.